Zoomtak  V Plus and T8 Plus User Instructions    

Before using your new media player please review these instructions carefully.


Connect your Zoomtak media player

  1. Connect the power supply and HDMI cable provided to your TV
  2. Connect your Ethernet / LAN cable if possible. If using Wi-Fi connect the detachable receiver.
  3. Press the Power button on the front of the device (Standby Mode = Red) (Blue = Turned On)

Remote Controls/keyboard

  1. The Standard remote requires 2 AAA batteries. It will connect automatically.
  2. Extra Airmouse / Wireless Keyboard Instructions.
  3. Connect the Bluetooth Dongle / USB Receiver into the side of the Zoomtak device and ensure you have power / batteries in the device.

After connecting and powering on your android box you need to go to the appropriate HMDI source on your TV (use the TV remote source button)
Box set up steps 

On first use a Welcome menu will show

  1. Click next to setup
  2. Choose your system language (English) click next
  3. Adjust screen size (with up or down arrow) 89%-92% is best for most TV’s- click next
  4. Network Choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet (Ethernet connects automatically – for Wi-fi you will need to enter your Wi-Fi password)
  5. Click on Finish and the Home Screen will load

Configuring your Android Box

Go into “Add your favourite App” – within this option click on Kodi to add it to your front menu


Installing apps within Kodi

Within Apps on home screen next go to Media Manager

Media Manager is an application which allow you to update the Kodi Build. It is very easy to use with only two options. You can use this app to update your Kodi build every month.

  1. Take the clear data option – give this step about 60 seconds and then proceed
  2. Kodi Addon Install – this runs to 100% and then another 3 minutes to complete
  3. Press Ok then press escape to leave Media Manager
  4. The simplest thing to do then is to reboot your box (press the button on the front of the Vplus until it turns red. Then turn it on again)

If you then go back into Kodi you will now see your new build with background photos and apps for your viewing enjoyment.

Kodi Installation is now complete


Installing apps outside Kodi (advanced users)

Kodi is the most important app on your device but you can also install other useful apps outside Kodi

There are two ways to install different applications on your device.

  • App Store – This is the Zoomtak apps store and is probably the best place to download all your favourite apps.
  • Google Play Store – This is the main Android App Store you will need a g-mail login to use it