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Upgrade Service

Upgrade Service

We find that many customers have purchased android boxes that they are unable to use and provide limited access to high quality viewing content.

Upgrade Sewrice for your old Android Box with latest apps supported by a dynamic wizard.

Fix Android Box

To assist you we offer …

Upgrade Service

We frequently find that customers have purchased an android box elsewhere which does not function properly. We provide an upgrade service on all android boxes – even if you didn’t buy from us. We will install our build on your box for a once off fee of €30.

Once our upgrade app is installed, we will give you a password so you will be entitled to monthly updates. We have access to a team of people dedicated to updating apps and links so that when one link goes down they replace it straight away with an alternative.

Older Android Boxes

If you have an older android TV box, it may not be powerful enough to run our build. In that case we can install a nice and simple menu that will restore all the entertainment options on your box. This service will cost only €20.

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