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MX3 Airmouse with integrated Keyboard


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The Easy Stream Recommended Airmouse and Keyboard
We simply love this Airmouse and Keyboard combination!
You cannot get around Android / Kodi with more grace than with this little device.
It features a Querty Keyboard on the back of the Airmouse to help with searching and wizard updates.

The product world demo of the airmouse and keyboard

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Easy Stream Recommended Airmouse and Keyboard

Easy Stream Recommended Airmouse and Keyboard 2.4G for Android TV Box. This is our personal favourite for getting around Kodi. The keyboard on the back simplifies the updating of wizards and apps.
2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Motion Sensor Remote Control.
This fantastic plug and play remote control works up to a distance up to 10 meters. It has a Gyro + 3G sensor, which is very convenient to use in horizontal and vertical modes for motion games and typing and ease of access. Its power consumption is less than 10mA in full operating mode!

(1) Transmission and control: 2.4 G RF wireless radio-frequency technique;
(2) Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor;
(3) Amount of key: 81;
(4) Control distance: 10m;
(5) Battery Type: AAA*2;
(6) Working Power: Less than 10mA in the work condition;
(7) Standby Power: Microampere, almost no power, in line with the European “Energy star” environmental standard;
(8) Material: Plastic and silicone;
(9) Size: 172*52*19mm;
(10) Weight: About 100g;

Package Includes:
1 * 2.4 G Keyboard with IR Remote
1 * USB Wireless Receiver
1 * User Manual


  • Compact and attractive appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Low power consumption

What’s in the package:

  • USB adapter
  • English Manual
  • Air Mouse 2.4G

Compatible (the device can be used with the following operating systems):

  • Android OS
  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8
  • Mac
  • Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu 8:10 Fedora-7.0)


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